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Vine and Tree Weeder

Vine and Tree Weeder The problem of weeding and cultivating between growths was always with us until the Bezzerides™ Vine and Tree Weeder was developed. Tilling and weeding parallel to plants or sweeps, is insufficient for full growth and nourishment. Expensive labor, manually chopping out weeds with hoes is usually necessary.

The Vine and Tree Weeder which magically loosens soils and eradicates weeds between tree, vine, or plant growth, does this needed tillage operation for you. This seemingly miraculous performance is possible because the Weeder travels below the surface of the ground. The forward motion of the tool compresses and disturbs the soil while its oscillating spring action loosens and uproots all of the weeds.

You may repeat the Bezzerides™ weed-killing, soil-tilling operation as often as necessary from first growth until harvest. The Weeder can be readily attached to a variety of tools such as toolbar - cultivators or disc harrows. Thus, you complete several necessary tillage or furrowing operations and get between-plant, weed eradication and soil cultivation at the same time. Obviously, your Vine and Tree Weeder can cut your weeding costs lower than other tools. The Vine and Tree Weeder complete set consists of four, five blade springs with slotted holes and two brackets with necessary attaching Vine and Tree Weeders with Disc Harrow bolts and nuts. This assembles into a complete right and left Weeder, each utilizing two, 5-spring, tempered steel blades. A specially-compounded rubber *caster wheel is mounted on the one inch wide end of the 30-inch blade. The four other spring blades are each consecutively graduated to smaller lengths. All blades have matching slotted holes punched in the attaching ends which are 4-inches wide.(*Caster wheels are optional) The full set, of five blades, is generally used when working in hard ground and with mature trees and vines and rank weeds.

When working in young orchards or vineyards where soils are mellow, you may choose to remove No. 2 and No. 4 blades to lessen the tension for efficient soil mulching and uprooting smaller weeds. The complete right and left unit makes it possible to weed and cultivate one half of both rows, at a time. Half sets are available upon request.

Five-blades springs are attached at approximately 45 degree angles to a bracket which operates parallel to the ground. It is held below the soil surface by the downward pressure or weight of the tool to which it is attached. As the tool moves forward, the 5-blade springs oscillate vigorously beneath the surface compressing and disturbing the soil and uprooting noxious weeds. The flexibility of the spring arms together with the rubber caster wheels enable the tool to pass over and around trunks of trees or vines without harming them. The Vine and Tree Weeder has proven its adaptability in a great variety of installations and almost all types of soil. They may be mounted on discs, cultivators, furrowers, toolbars and many other tillage tools.

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