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Torsion Weeder™

The best time to eliminate weeds in row crop is while they are young, before they can establish a good root system. Having tools for complete row crop cultivation, we here at Bezzerides™ Brothers have found a need for special tools to be used on small, tender plants. The Bezzerides™ Torsion Weeders™ were designed for just this purpose -- to work in and around the plant row, eliminating as many weeds as possible without moving a lot of soil.

Torsion Weeders™ are made of high quality spring steel and are designed to mounting in either a Torsion Weeder™ standard , or are easily adapted to our Spring Hoe Weeder™ bracket. Both mounting methods allow full adjustment so you can get as delicate or severe as conditions will permit.

Spyder Weeders™ with Torsion Weeders™

Installing Spyder Weeders™ and Torsion Weeders™

Remove discs. Install the hub to the side of the Spyder Weeder™, in which, the bent teeth point. Once the hub and Spyder Weeder™ are installed on the Standard the bent teeth should point away from the standard and toward the plant row with the rear teeth pointing down. Offset the left and right sides by placing one clamp to the front of the tool bar and one clamp to the rear. This allows for better adjustment. Also, if there is debris in the row this will allow it to be pulled out of the row without dragging it over the plants. You can adjust them to the desired depth and as closeness that your conditions allow.

Install the Torsion Weeder™ brackets on the standards and adjust the Torsion Weeders™ to the desired depth and closeness. You can determine how severe to adjust them simply by trial -- all you want to do is break up the soil around and between the plants at a slight depth. The speed of travel will have an impact on this. You will be amazed at the results. The earlier you can get the weeds, the more effective you cultivation will be.

On later cultivation you can set the Spyder Weeders™ further from the row in front and closer in the rear to break up the soil between the plants. Then as the Torsion Weeders™ come through the weeds will be obliterated.

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