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Spyder Weeders™

Key Benefits

The Bezzerides™ Spyder Weeder™ is an ideal tool to use ahead of the Torsion Weeder™, Spring Hoe Weeder™. They do not leave a smooth ridge or shoulder that dries out. The staggered teeth of the Spyder Weeder™ mulches the soil in an uneven pattern which is then easily loosened by the Torsion Weeder™ or Spring Hoe Weeder™. Unlike some tools, the Spyder Weeder™ helps reduce the amount of clods formed during cultivation. If desired, with a simple adjustment, the Spyder Weeder™ can be angled to move the soil towards the plant row. All of these advantages can help contribute to better harvesting conditions in sugar beets, cotton and many other row crops. Spyder Weeders™ are built for long wear and rotate on heavy-duty, ball-bearing hubs. They fill an important gap in today's modern farm tillage.


Install Spyder Weeders™ on each side of the plant row. The front of the Spyder Weeder™ should be closest to the row with the bent teeth toward the plant and pointing down at the rear. When the curved teeth point up at the rear, their action is more severe and will be more prone to plugging. They should operate at approximately a 30 degree angle to the row and at the desired depth.

The Bezzerides™ Spyder Weeder™ combinations are ideal for use in most all row crops, such as: COTTON, CORN, CABBAGE, TOMATOES, SUGAR BEETS, SOYBEANS, AND MANY OTHERS

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