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Spring Hoe Weeder™

Spring Hoe Weeder™The Bezzerides™ Spring Hoe Weeders'™ "magical action" disturbs and mulches the soil around and between the plants, uprooting and killing noxious weeds. The rapidly oscillating spring blades work just below the surface which provides an adequate "safety factor" in preventing plant damage. The effect is amazing... you travel at a fast rate of speed and the Spring Hoe Weeder™ does a perfect job of cultivating and weeding around and between the plants.

Spring Hoe Weeders™ give you an entirely new system of plant cultivation. You get the weeds while they are small with periodic repeats you can keep manual labor to a minimum. The working tips of the Weeder blades travel beneath the soil around the base of the plants. This uproots the weeds and aerates and mulches the earth. The plants themselves are not disturbed because their root systems are firmly established.

Spring Hoe Weeder™ units, for each row, consist of two right and two left, scientifically-shaped, special spring steel blades and two mounting brackets with slotted adjustment holes. Adapter brackets for use with spring trip shanks are available if requested. The two loft and right blades are set to work opposite each other at 45 degree angles to the row. As the tractor travels forward, the spring blades oscillate vigorously beneath the surface and it is this compression and vibration that that disturbs the soil and efficiently mulches and weeds at the same time.

In harder soil the blades are set closer together because the extra resistance of the heavy soil tends to spread the blades apart. Many users double-up the blades (eight blades to a row) in extremely tough conditions. When working in light soil the blades may be set farther apart and still efficiently cultivate the soil.

Spring Hoe Weeders™ are available in two models. The first model is 2030L(left) and 2031R(right) (recommended for single row cultivation). The blades are 16.5 inches long and has a working tip area of 6 inches. This model should be set for a 13.5 inch spread, which allows the user to mount the unit with a greater distance from the plant row and work underneath and between the plants without Spring Hoe Weeders™ disturbing the plants growth. The second model is 2040L(left) and 2041R(right). The blades are 16.25 inches long with a 4 inch working tip area. This model is used primarily in bottom furrow and double-row cultivation. Many double-row crops planted on beds have a crown between the two rows of plants. The second model should be set for an 11.5 inches spread, which enable the user to cultivate close without moving the dirt in the crown toward the plants.

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