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Berm Rake in the Orchard

Bezzerides™ Orchard Berm Rake

The Bezzerides™ Berm Rake is an apparatus for removing weeds, prunings, and trash from along row crops and between adjoining trees or vines within the row while traveling along the row.


After the Berm Rake The Bezzerides™ Berm Rake works between the rows and also moves in and out around the vines and trees cleaning out the weeds and trash. The Berm Rake is fully adjustable and requires no auxiliary power source other than the vehicle on which it is mounted. The equipment is ground driven and the rake wheel is pulled in and out with hydraulic rams.

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Berm Rake Sweeping Option

This is a picture of the Berm Rake with the orchard sweeping option. The difference is that this particular wheel has a chain attached to the outside rim. It is used primarily for sweeping trash out of the furrow.


Removing Weeds

The first pass through works half of each side of a row, the next pass works the other side of the row just worked, plus half of the next row. Forty to fifty acres a day may easily be worked. Some growers have reported to working 60 to 70 acres in one day. The Berm Rake may be operated up to 5 to 7 m.p.h., even in extremely hard soil conditions when used with the Bezzerides™ Vine and Tree Weeders, leaving a weed free area around the vines or trees.

The Bezzerides™ Vine and Tree Weeders are mounted on a heavy bracket that is hydraulically controlled to move them in, away from the row, or out, to make them more aggressive. By adding more leaves on the weeder assembly it makes the unit stiffer to meet more difficult soil conditions.

If you want to stop using chemicals, and avoid all of the laws restricting them, the Bezzerides™ Berm Rake your answer to the weed problem. The cost of the equipment is easily returned the first year by saving in chemicals alone. After the initial cost all you have is maintenance. Because of the high quality of our equipment the maintenance is very low.

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