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Welcome Growers

Farming is an occupation rich in both pride and tradition. We at Bezzerides™ Brothers have been involved with the farming community for five generations. We take great pride in our ability to supply you, the grower, with quality tools which are capable of saving time, work, and money.

Our goal is to provide you with tools that minimize the growth of weeds without the use of chemicals. Bezzerides™ tools are adaptable and designed to enhance the job done by most existing cultivators. During a conventional cultivation operation there will be a 2" to 6" band of soil that is left untouched. The primary purpose of our tools is to cultivate that 2" to 6" band.

We are asking you to reconsider the use of herbicides as weed control. Instead of viewing cultivation as drudgery, look at it as a trip to the bank. The more thorough and effective the cultivation is, the less time and hand labor will be required to keep the crop clean. A cleaner, more thoroughly cultivated crop is a more productive crop. Less labor and more productivity translates into better returns on your investment.

We offer a complete system for in-row cultivation of row crops, vines, and trees. Our tools can be used individually, or more effectively in combination as a system. We thank you for your consideration of our approach to weed management.

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